Write Your Resume Like This

I wrote this almost 8 years ago on Tinyletter.com. I took another read and a lot of the main points are still valid. Please excuse typos and strange references since the post might be outdated.


This is going to be useful for almost everyone here. Don’t worry this won’t be boring. It’s going to be useful stuff you can use today. I’m not a resume expert or even a very good writer. However, I do look at a lot of resumes for various positions time to time. Here’s a few (hopefully) useful tips.

Quantify everything (numbers numbers numbers)

Everyone from the janitor to the intern contributes to the overall company success in some way. Those contributions are quantifiable. Most people don’t know how to quantity or what to quantify on their resume. Example bullet point:

“Helped marketing department with creating decks and presenting to upper management”


Sounds pretty good right? No, it’s absolutely mediocre and don’t you ever dare write that.

“Worked with a 8 marketing managers and developed over 30 decks that were used to forecast company’s future revenue growth in 4 market segments. 70% of the concepts were rollout in 2014”.

Person you want to hire

Much better! No lying, no making up things, just providing more context to what actually happened. Next time your boss tells you good job. Quantify it “

If you state something prove it.

If you give us detail we’ll trust you if you’re vague we think you’re lying (regardless of the truth).

“I was the main person on project x”


People want to hire leaders (no matter what the job title says” If you’re applying for an associate, entry, manager, assistant, or whatever position the person reading your resume is going to want a leader not a drone. People want to hire strong independent thinkers for all positions in their company, even the intern.

“I was the main person project x. I managed the project from ideation to full launch. Project X netted a 3% overall gain YoY”

Person you want to hire


Let’s go back in time. I used to work at a comic store for 5.5 years during high school and college. My resume might of looked something like this:

  • Mile High Comics, Assistant Manager
    • Maintained all new releases on shelf to make shopping easier for customers-Helped customers find rare books
    • Organized trade paperback sections.
    • Responsible for closing out the register

This is how it should be written:

  • Mile High Comics, Assistant Manager
    • Mile High Comics is the biggest chain of comic book stores in America. We house over 100k of the most sought after comics. Our location generated ~$459k annually.-Key point person for receiving and disturbing a weekly releases.
    • Promoted to Assistant Manager after only being an employee for 7 months.
    • Managed all aspects of shipping and recurring from invoice checking, inventory deductions, and stock overflow.
    • Main contact person for all customer needs related to vintage 1908 rare comics relating to Marvel, DC, or Anime.
    • Sole person allowed to handle end-of-day finances.
    • Analyse daily sales report to optimize next week purchases, reduce theft, and evaluate staffing needs.

Noticed how I added 1 bullet point to help describe what Mile High Comics is. That really helps set the context of the rest of the points. Hope you found this helpful and as always feel free to email me with questions!