I Spoke @TEDxStuttgart about Artificial Intelligence

I had the pleasure of speaking about AI, and the Impact on Justice. This is personally a relevant topic because Airhelp is doing just that. We’re building AI models that help us become more efficient at identifying eligible delayed flights.

Laws can be complicated, so much so even Airlines themselves do not know if a particular customer is eligible for compensation or not!

There are 3 things we strive for at Airhelp:

  1. Provide passengers the least friction possible when dealing with delay compensation.
  2. Be accurate in our analysis of flights so we don’t waste the airline or the customer’s time.
  3. Find ways to increase efficiency in points 1 and 2.

When you roll these 3 points up AI becomes a clear candidate. You can hear more about how I think of AI regarding law/justice in the video below.

Big thanks to TEDxStuttgart for inviting me.